The truly complete platform for professionals and CI teams that need:

A plataforma completa de verdade para profissionais e equipes de CI que buscam:
  • Communicate and listen to all internal audiences in an agile and effective manner
  • Understand and clearly demonstrate the results of your work
  • Have end-to-end management of your area in one place
Communicate and listen
Communicate and listen to all internal audiences in an agile and effective manner
I need to manage my communication channels
  • But I need to do this on multiple platforms, which generates rework and daily time loss.
  • Manage your communication channels on a single platform: Create, segment, send, and measure easily, all in one place.
I want to create more engaging communications
  • But with current tools, I'm limited when it comes to customizing the layout and content.
  • Customize all elements of your communication, from simple layout options to advanced settings for formatting and structure.
I need to segment communication according to each audience.
  • But the effort is so high to get a segmented database that I end up doing it only when it's a more important communication.
  • In just a few clicks, segment and send communications to specific audiences all through the platform.
I constantly seek more interactions and feedback from employees
  • But in the current channels, I can't collect constant and organized feedback.
  • Add reaction components, comments, and surveys to any communication and channel.
When I try to make communication more personal and individualized
  • But currently, I can't personalize communications individually; at most, I can do it at the level of groups of employees.
  • In the editor, utilize the dynamic content feature to automatically populate the information you select in the content.
I need to communicate effectively with the operational audience
  • But in the current channels, I can't tell if it's effective due to a lack of clear measurement.
  • Send communications through WhatsApp and track the performance of each communication in real-time.
Data and measurement
Understand and clearly demonstrate the results of your work
When I want to know the outcome of a communication I sent
  • But with my current tools, I can't measure in a clear and simple way, and I end up in the dark.
  • Click and quickly access a dashboard with detailed data for each communication, across all channels.
When I want to present the results to management or another department
  • In addition to the work of building presentations, I lack data that goes beyond the operational.
  • In just a few clicks, create and share reports with in-depth data that can be tracked in real-time.
When I want to understand which content generates more interest
  • But I can only get some idea by asking people in the interaction opportunities I have.
  • Clearly track the trending topics based on the number of views and interactions from employees.
When I need to conduct a deeper and customized analysis
  • But today, I don't have enough data measurement, and it's not easily accessible for that.
  • Select the data you want to cross-reference and create customized reports in just a few clicks.
When I need to identify communication gaps
  • But as I don't have the data, I can only evaluate based on the opinion of a few employees infrequently.
  • In the Reports area, filter and segment your analysis, and in just a few clicks, find the answers you need to act quickly.
Manage your area end-to-end in one place
I need to receive, prioritize, and execute internal requests I receive from other departments
  • Internal clients request tasks through any channel directly with the CI professional.
  • Create forms for them to fill out when requesting a task, which will be entered directly into the platform in a queue.
I need integrated visibility of schedules to organize priorities
  • Using spreadsheets or Trello ends up creating more work and sometimes results in communication gaps due to lack of integration.
  • Manage a calendar that is 100% integrated with communications, with easy visibility for everyone on the team.
I need to approve communications with internal stakeholders
  • But this process ends up delaying me because I need to send emails and follow up with several people at the same time.
  • Within the platform, select who should approve the communication, and it will request approvals automatically.
I want to empower other departments to communicate in line with our brand guidelines and tone of voice
  • But with current tools I can't create access profiles and end up centralizing all management
  • Within the platform, select what each user can or cannot do and access, this way you can give autonomy and maintain control of the processes
I need to ensure that the employee database is constantly updated
  • But there are many daily submissions, and I always need to request an updated version, which increases the risk of missing some changes.
  • Keep your database automatically updated every day with quick access to update history.

Communicate and listen to all employees efficiently with Comunica.In

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