The new standard for modern internal communication management
Unlimited possibilities for creating and customizing
Features so you can create more engaging, personalized, interactive, and relevant communications
Branding customization
Don't face any more limitations when customizing your communications. The Comunica.In editor has everything you need to create your templates according to your company's branding
One editor for all channels
Do you need to recreate the same message in various tools to send it across different channels? Now you can create and customize everything in a single editor with just a wave of a wand.
Add listening features to any communication, on any channel. Multiple-choice surveys, checkboxes, open-ended responses, evaluations, scales, E-NPS. Listen to your employees quickly whenever you need to.
Save your most frequently used templates
Don't waste any more time recreating templates you use frequently. Create and save 100% customizable templates for recurring communications and surveys.
Customize with dynamic content
When you try to personalize your communication, does it become a lot of work? With Comunica.In, you can use the dynamic content feature to insert points of customization according to each employee. Now you can easily address each person by name without any more hassle.
Direct Mail
Send a communication with personalized information to each employee.
Send Attachments
Add attachments of up to 5MB to your communications.
Image editor
Do you need to make a quick adjustment to an image? You don't need another tool for that.
Insert links and buttons
Do you feel limited when it comes to inserting links in your communications? With ComunicaIn, you can insert them in the text, with buttons, in images, and of course, track every click.
Reaction Element
Add the possibility for employees to react to each communication or survey, on any channel. This way, you can track satisfaction and engagement with each piece of content.
Precise segmentation, exact reach
Comunica.In helps you not only reach all employees but especially those you need, whether it's a large or small group. With advanced segmentation filters, the possibilities are limitless.
Ultra-specific segmentation
Communicating with a specific audience is nearly impossible? Now, with the filter, you can create segmentation that takes into account various properties, such as: Female leaders from the southern region. So simple and powerful, it feels like magic.
Save frequently used filters
Save filters with the segmentations you've already created to reuse them in your day-to-day without having to create them again.
Track in real-time all the data you need
Effective and relevant communication involves both art and data. To assist you with the data part, Comunica.In provides an advanced range of data and metrics with everything you need to refine your analyses.
Real-time data, for real
If you used to lack data before, now you track everything in real-time, every communication, every survey, interaction, click, view. Combine, segment, and monitor the results of your work at all times.
Find out what's trending
Explore what's trending guided by view count. You can track in real-time whether it's a target audience, city, department, TAG, communication, survey - Right on your homepage, in the trending tab.
Most effective times
Do you invest a lot of time thinking and creating a communication and wonder about the best time to send it? Comunica.In answers that for you with data on the best times for each delivery.
Views per recipients
Don't stay in the dark anymore. Know exactly which employees have viewed each communication or survey by checking the dashboards for each delivery.
Segmented views
Analyze your views according to segmentations and quickly identify communication gaps for a specific audience profile.
Clicks on buttons, links, and images
Measure every click in your communications and categorize to analyze the type of content that generates more interest.
Reaction tracking
When you add the reaction element to a communication or survey, you can track satisfaction and engagement with each content individually and segmented.
Comments and Feedback
Along with a reaction, you can also track employee comments - Anonymously or not.
Export data
Need the data from a communication? Click the export button and have it in your hands within seconds.
Tailor-Made: Flexible reports for your needs
We've developed a unique technology for internal communication that allows you to work with data in a way you've never seen before. To have the visibility and insights you've always dreamed of.
Customizable report creation
Combine data and build reports according to your needs. Need to know how the engagement of the operations teams in Chicago with the safety campaign has been in the last 3 months? Now you can create this visualization in just a few clicks.
Dashboard creation
Group various reports into specific dashboards for more comprehensive tracking. Want to monitor how workplace safety content is relevant among cities, positions, and departments? Create a dashboard on this topic and track it in real-time.
Share dashboards
Gone are the days when Internal Communication had trouble presenting results. Share dashboards with your team directly from the platform. Now everyone can see and track in real-time.
Whenever this happens, do this
This is literally how you'll program automations in Comunica.In, a simple way to help you increase communication efficiency and save time in your daily routine.
Boosts for communications and surveys
Need to increase the effectiveness of your communications? Set triggers, for example: % of views below 30% to send reinforcements of communications only to employees who haven't viewed them, and increase views without any additional effort.
Boosts for specific audiences
Are there audiences with low viewing rates? Create automations for specific audiences, such as leadership, and determine that certain topics, if not viewed, will be sent enhancements through other channels.
Boosts for important subjects
Is there a topic that needs attention? Create automations to ensure maximum effectiveness in the communications sent about it.
Onboarding journey
Creating sequences that combine communications and surveys to build personalized onboarding journeys for new employees.
Ongoing listening journey
Create automated continuous listening routines, you can set the time intervals, for which audiences they will be sent to, through which channels, and of course, measure all the performance.
Create automations to celebrate important milestones in the employee's journey such as birthdays and work anniversaries. These are personalized interactions at scale without generating more work for it.
The platform you need for your day-to-day
Communication is only part of the process, for managing all the other processes in the IC area, Comunica.In also has solutions.
Approval workflows
Ensuring that some communications are approved by stakeholders before they are sent hinders your planning? Within the platform, select who should approve the communication, and it will automatically request approvals.
With so many communications, it can be difficult to organize sometimes? Click and add as many tags as you like to categorize and organize your communications. With a search, you can find everything you need quickly.
Form creation
Do you receive requests for demands from different areas all at the same time? Publish a form to receive demands directly within Comunica.In in an organized manner.
Demand management
Do everything in one place. Manage requests and received activities within Comunica.In, update the status of each one, comment on the card, link to communications, and collaborate with team colleagues.
Is your communication calendar still in spreadsheets? Add your communication planning and calendar to Comunica.In and never miss another send or important date.
Managing the progress of campaigns on non-integrated platforms is hard work? Create and manage campaigns within Comunica.In, from scheduling to measuring results.
Keep your database updated easily
From manual updates to automatic integrations, simplify the management of your employee database with multiple flexible options to keep your communications always accurate.
Update using a CSV spreadsheet
Need to update your employee database via spreadsheet, but there's a lot of data? Comunica.In identifies and displays all details with each upload, such as: How many employees are being added, who will have information updated, or deleted in each update.
Upload tracking and control
An upload history with user, date, and inserted file is available so that you have full control over updates to your database.
ERP Integration
When you integrate the database, you no longer need to worry about updating the list of employees. Comunica.In has native integration with various market ERPs, so whenever the data is updated in the ERP, it is automatically updated in the platform.
Group & Mailing Management
One of the ways to segment your database can be through groups created from lists that have been added to the platform.
Control and flexibility in team and user management
Create dedicated workspaces and customize access profiles, ensuring security and efficiency in managing different teams and users on your platform.
Ideal for companies that will have users in various areas. The admin user can create separate workspaces for each area or group of users.
Access profiles
Do you need certain users to have restricted access to specific actions or areas of the platform? With Comunica.In, you can manage permissions and create user profiles.

Communicate and listen to all employees efficiently with Comunica.In

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