Our mission is to empower companies to listen to and communicate with any employee in an agile and effective way

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A team that grows, transforms, and builds the future together

Comunica.In is comprised of individuals dedicated to a great mission, passionate about doing great work, and open to multiple voices and perspectives to build the future together.
Felipe Hotz, fundador do Comunica.In
Carlos Gaissler
Bianca Trolis
André Schittini
Luiz Campos
Natália Duane
Giovanna Correia
Marta Adomaitis
Jéssica Bueno
Matheus Rosa
Mateus Oliveira
Ricardo Gomes


Built for the best.

Backed by the best.

We are fortunate to work with some of the best investors in the industry. Our investors include investment funds and some of the most exceptional founders and product creators in the world.
Carol Lacombe
Principal and Director of Community
Mariana Foresti
Jose Pedro Cacheado
Norte Ventures
Alessio Alionço
CEO, Pipefy
Alphonse Voigt
Chairman, EBANX
Bruno Nardon
Founder, G4 Educação
Gustavo Raposo
CEO, Leve
Alexandre Yokoyama
Investor & Advisor
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