Send communications quickly and effectively to all internal audiences
  • Create and customize communications and surveys
  • Segment audiences and delivery channels
  • Track results in real-time
+ 894,000 employees in 128 countries
The complete platform for IC professionals and teams
Multi-channel Communication Broadcaster
Send communications to multiple channels simultaneously
You no longer need multiple platforms to manage your communication. Simplify your daily routine by doing it all in one place, simply
Need to communicate with only the leadership at the New Jersey factory? Now you can.
Segmenting internal communications should not be a luxury. Segment your communications to audiences and channels quickly in just a few clicks using filters.
Track the results of each communication in real-time

Say goodbye to the lack of indicators for IC. Have complete visibility of the indicators for each message, channel, audience in dashboards for each communication.
Create, customize, and share reports with your team directly from the platform
Gone are the days when IC struggled to present results. Now everyone can see and track them in real-time.
Say goodbye to long implementations
Native integrations, API, and custom connectors for implementation with the agility you need.
What our clients say
O proporcionou segurança e agilidade às nossas necessidades, organizando comunicações de forma eficaz e recuperando tempo valioso para a produção rápida.
Sueli Reis
Analista de Comunicação Interna

The platform for truly effective internal communication

reach of the company's internal audiences
increase in the effectiveness of communication with internal audiences
of hours used for operational activities
of our clients maintained or achieved the GPTW certification

Communicate and listen to all employees efficiently with Comunica.In

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